183177_192166067471439_6176781_nOur Northport, Alabama tattoo artists bring more than 30 years of combined experienced to every custom work of body art that’s created in our shop. If you can imagine it, we’re the shop you can trust to bring it to life. You can commission expert tattoo work in a variety of styles and themes, including:

• American traditional
• Japanese traditional
• New School
• Old School
• Realism
• Portrait Work


Our piercing professional has 15 years experience in this industry. She can do any piercing you can think of. From implant grade to surgical steel to titanium and bio-class we offer all the industry standards. Using only the highest quality jewelry, all prices include the starting jewelry which is 316L, implant grade surgical steel that is nickel and lead tested for your health and safety. Piercings can be done with solid implant grade titanium jewelry or PTFE (plastic that can be sterilized) for an additional price For the best long-term healing pierce1results, you’ll want to see the piercer at Eternal Art, because she knows exactly what she’s doing— especially if you’re getting unique or cutting-edge work. The piercer at Eternal Art has completed awesome piercings on all body parts including:

• Ears, including tragus, conch and more
•Nipples and Genitals
• Eyebrows and anti-eyebrows
• Lips and labrets
• Navels
• Dermals are done using solid implant grade titanium, making them safe for MRI’s and other medical procedures.


She can get anything: acrylic, nickel and lead tested surgical steal, PTFE or Bioplast, wood, horn/bone, stone, glass, Pyrex, Titanium that’s high polished or anodized to several different colors, solid yellow or white gold, and even niobium. All gemstones are Swarovski Crystals or Opals but I can order jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones for any piercings.